• TI MSP430 - the world's lowest power MCU
  • The MSP430 16-bit microcontroller platform of ultra-low power RISC mixed-signal microprocessors from TI provides the ultimate solution for a wide range of low power and portable applications. TI provides robust design support for the MSP430 16-bit MCU including technical documents, training, tools, and software.

    - was designed from the beginning to focus on the implementation of ultra low power MCU
    -MSP430 is a leader in the field of ultra low power
    -The latest generation of MSP430 can provide peak performance up to 25MHz
    - the industry's fastest wakeup time

    MSP430 title=
MSP430 title=
  • MSP430 professional sales
  • MSP430 Common Items
  • MSP430F1101AIDWR-16 ultra low power microcontroller, with 1kB flash memory, 128B RAM and comparator, SOIC (DW) package | 20pin
  • MSP430F1132IPWR-16 ultra low power microcontroller, with 8kB flash, 256B RAM, 10 ADC, TSSOP (PW) package | 20pin
  • MSP430F147IPMR-16 ultra low power microcontroller, with 32kB flash, 1KB RAM, 12 ADC, 2 USART and HW multiplier, LQFP (PM) package | 64pin
  • MSP430F169IPMR-16 ultra low power MCU, 60kB, RAM, 2048B flash memory with 12 bit ADC, double DAC, 2 USART, I2C, HW multiplier and DMA, LQFP (PM) package | 64pin
  • MSP430F2122IPWR-16 ultra low power microcontroller, with 4kB flash, 512B RAM, 10 ADC and USCI, TSSOP (PW) package | 28pin